Peisey Vallandry History


Ecologic electricity for H么tel Emeraude


2015 is the end of the monopoly of EDF for electricity furniture.

Mindful to preserve our planet, we choose an ecologic partner. Now we will use renewable energy from wind turbines and hydroelectric power plants.

We hope you will participate at this effort in :

- putting out the lights and closing windows before leaving your room
- keeping your bath towels more than a day unless if it is dirty
- selecting your garbage (some container are established on the parking above the hotel
- giving the plastic stopper of your bottle at the waitress or barman. they have a special container for them.
- don’t throw the cigarette end out off the window or on the floor. There are some ashtray on the wall at the entrance of the hotel and on the terrace of the bar. You can ask聽 our staff for an ashtray if you want to smoke on the terrace. Think of get a pocket ashtray not to throw your cigarette butt on slopes
- In case of picnic, putting your rubbishes in the special bin at the ski lift departure.

Together we will try to preserve the planet !


Season opener December 13, 2014


The Emeraude Hotel opens its doors December 13, 2014.

Find the dates of the season 2014-2015:

High season
12/20/14 to 01/02/15
31/01/15 to 06/02/15 **
02/07/15 to 03/06/15
03/07/15 to 10/04/15 *
04/11/15 to 24/04/15 **

Medium Season

Low Season
12/13/14 to 12/19/14
03/01/15 to 30/01/15

ARCS 2014-2015 – An area in the process of developing


From December 13, 2014, discover and attend the birth of a space being introduced: a brand new space for sharing and entertainment designed for all the heart Arc 1800 d.

Many facilities and various activities, from 9h to 20h every day.

La Plagne: European Cup Bobsleig from 1 to 7 December 2014


La Plagne is hosting a test of Europe Bobsleigh Cup.

Opening times: Monday 1 to Sunday, December 7, 2014 .